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Great Whiskey Rebellion: Artist Spotlight

Do you believe in love at first sight? It was that way for me with The Great Whiskey Rebellion. It wasn’t just the music, it was the people in the band. All open, honest, kind, fun loving people. The first time I saw them was at Worcester’s annual St. Patrick’s day parade. It was raining and I had settled into Beatnik’s because it was on the parade route, they had live music all day and a beer garden. They had an outdoor stage setup and none of the bands wanted to brave the bitter March weather but as a smoker I ventured out back to chat with the brave ones & saw that a group was setting up to play. At this point there were very few people outside as a band was playing indoors but as they played more & more people were pulled out by the spiritous playing & passionate performance.

Outdoors @ Beatnik’s March 2010 (a decent iphone capture)

When the set was over, Geo the bass player approached me and we talked for a while. They were playing a gig in Boston later that day & wanted to know if I would join them. Logistically that didn’t work but I was an instant fan & was able to see them many times when they played in Worcester.  They secured a residency at Vincent’s to fine tune the music.

A night at the Vincent’s Residency

The weekly gig allowed them to master their material and it wasn’t long before they were able to release a CD. (available on iTunes).

I really enjoy their take on irish and bluegrass music and their genuine enthusiasm while playing. They bring a rock sensibility to the genres, with big power chords, heavy metal drums, a funky bottom end and soaring leads played on the electric violin. Each song played with energy and a smile. But what brought me back each time was their appreciation of their fans & the friendships they gained along their travels.

Powerful reworking of a bluegrass classic:

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