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The Reducers 1987-1990

Back in the late 80s, The Reducers were my favorite DIY local band. The band was based out New London CT so I was able to see them perform on countless occasions.They performed a solid mix of pure 1977 punk and bar room blues. With 4 LPs of hard rocking originals and 100’s of potential covers, the Reducers kept us slamming night after night.

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4 separate shows in this set. Dates are little foggy.

1) Sean Patrick’s Hartford Ct 1987
2) UCONN Oct 30,1987 (color)
3) Comet Hartford CT Sept. 30, 1990
4) El ‘n’ Gee New London CT Dec 30,1990

For more info : http://www.thereducers.com/


The complete set:


Steve Kaika

RIP Steve.

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